• What CP+B Really Wants to Do is Produce Mixtapes

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    Sorry, Night Ranger fans: the time hasn’t come. While CP+B released an “awesome mixtape” today, there’s no “Sister Christian” in sight. If it’s any consolation, the Producer's Mixtape is packaged in a Boogie Nights-era plastic cassette case that you 3D-print with a Maker Bot.

    Rather than shrieky power ballads, the CP+B Producer's Mixtape kit contains tools that “Don’t Let Bad Work Happen” in the creation of any digital experience or product. The award-winning ad agency’s once-proprietary digital production guidelines are written on a handy set of cards that fit inside the cassette box. At the project’s Web site www.producersmixtape.com, sherbet neon text tells how the 11 cards are divided into checklists that pertain to pre-production (schedule, budget, vendors) and production (development, demos, QA & launch) items. Every piece is downloadable so anyone from web developers to ad agency interns and digital producers can use the kit. In fact, it was produced through a Creative Commons 3.0 license, so a company can edit the guide, make it their own and even slap a logo on it.

    “The saying ‘Don't make the same mistake twice' is only useful to a single producer,” says CP+B’s EVP/Chief Digital Officer Ivan Perez-Armendariz. “As you scale to making great work with dozens and dozens of people, the mindset becomes 'Don't make an avoidable mistake even once.' That's what the Mixtape solves—making great work at scale with an army of super producers.”

  • LURE Design's L2 Collective Marriage Eqaulity Cards

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    As the Supreme Court ruling struck down DOMA as unconstitutional today, these cards, created by L2 Design Collective, have been getting some well deserved attention.

    See them here, along with some other marriage equality focused cards on Jesswick.com.

  • Russian Tampax Spot

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  • 6 Questions with Ben Child

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    Orlando AIGA posted an interview with Ben Child, the Co-founder and Interactive Director at the Orlando-based design studio Small Fortune. Ben is also the Co-creator and Editor of Ohlando. -

    See more at: Orlando AIGA

  • Two Thousand and Thirteen Stripes

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    Austin design entrepreneurs UnderConsideration have a new initiative they are calling UC.Prints. The first run of posters commemorates American Independence Day 2013 with a clever puzzle involving the flag.

    See images here, and get one while they last here.

  • Creative Work Wanted for New Build at Austin Airport

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    Attention creative people. According to Culture Map, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is expanding, and Art in Public Places (AIPP) is looking to keep the new section weird with designs and artwork.

    They are placing a national call to commission a professional. This is not a small time pro-bono project. This is a chance to make a mark and earn some well deserved recognition.

    AIPP is hosting an information session for anyone interested. The meeting will be at 2:30pm on Monday, June 17, and will be simulcast as an interactive webinar. Check in with AIPP during their office hours for assistance.

    Check out the Culture Map article here.

  • Number Two

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