• Say It Loud's Tribute

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    Say It Loud has abundant window space along Mills Ave., and usually uses it to promote their work. Today they've replaced it with a tribute to Steve Jobs. Nicely done guys.

  • RIP Steve.

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    Steve Jobs narrates the first Think different commercial "Here's to the Crazy Ones". This version never aired, a version with Richard Dreyfuss as the narrator was used instead.

  • Phantom Limbs at the Falcon

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    The Falcon bar and gallery, next to Mother Falcon in Thornton park is officially opening it's doors and presenting its first gallery show. This show features a local art collective called Phantom Limbs that includes artists Brandon Mclean, David Hoskins, Dres13, Scott Donald, and Sean Hartman.

    who: The Falcon Grand Opening Featuring: Phantom Limbs
    when: 10/08/2011 @ 8:30P
    where: The Falcon Bar & Gallery (819 E. Washington Street)

  • World Gone Sour

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  • Is This Sexual Harassment?

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  • Jiggle-It

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    CP+B just launched a new free iPhone and iPad app for JELL-O called Jiggle-It. The app features a customizable JELL-O cube that not only moves like actual gelatin, but moves to the beat by detecting a song's BPM.

    You can choose any track in your iTunes library or play a song and the cube will "wiggle" and "jiggle" to the beat.

    Look, it's friggin' hard to sell gelatin. At least they're trying to make it fun, right?

    Jiggle-It is available here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jell-o-jiggle-it/id465412189?mt=8

  • Disney Appmates

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    A collaboration between Disney Consumer Products and Disney Mobile has produced an new product, called "Appmates". The toy line consists of miniature sensor housing Disney / Pixar Cars 2 vehicles that are recognized as a unique footprint by the Cars 2 Appmates app, with no cable or Bluetooth connection required.

    All kids need to do is place their favorite Appmates toy character, whether it's Lightning McQueen or Tow Mater, on the screen and play. You can explore, race or perform various tasks with the Appmates, with each toy unlocking various features specific to the character within the app. A packet of four vehicles costs $19.99, and the app, which is free, will be available from the iTunes app store from next month.


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