• UnderConsideration/FPO Feature PRPL's Speakeasy Invite

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    For Print Only featured local digital marketing agency, PRPL today. FPO showcased an invite that was created for an ADDY Awards after party. The beautifully designed and printed card came with individual skeleton keys for an added touch.

    PRPL was hosting a speakeasy after-party, and needed invitations that would balance secrecy with a stand-out design. We aimed for an authentic, quality feel, complemented by individual skeleton keys and hand-labeled envelopes. The invitations really set the tone for the event!

    Read more here: http://www.underconsideration.com/fpo/archives/2014/07/prpl-speakeasy-in...

  • With all this tech about, is the big idea 'no idea'? Aussie CDs discuss. *May contain irony.

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    Are we thinking stuff through too much? What if we just chucked a load of tech together and let the public pick the bones out of it. And besides, there's just no room for an idea in amongst the live-streaming 3D-printed QR codes being delivered by a quad-copter.

    Starring a galaxy of creative stars from Down Under, this is of course a spoof that sets the stage for the Creative Fuel event in Sydnay at the end of July.

    The point is valid though. Increasingly tech can come first and the idea a distant second - if at all. It's a watchout for everyone: yes, technology can augment an idea but not replace it. Ideally it's invisible, working bits magic behind the scenes, letting the big thought land without interference or hoop-jumping.

    Find out more about the Creative Fuel event >

  • Mr. Gold

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    Mr. Gold from Brian Carlson Photo on Vimeo.

    Mr. Gold is the story of Jose Melendez, a 21-time felon who spent 11 years incarcerated and has appeared on the Maury show twice for paternity tests. A street corner promotions man for a jewelry store, he uses his job to bring joy to those passing by while also yearning to help people like him.

    Music composed by:
    Kyle Cox

    Brian Carlson

    Brian Carlson
    Matthew Hutchens
    Stephen Allen

    Motion Graphics:
    Christopher Towle

  • BigEye's Downtown Orlando Infographic

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    Local agency,BigEye, recently visualized some data you may, or may not, have known about our unique city.

    Downtown Orlando Infographic - See more at: http://bigeyeagency.com/blog/downtown-orlando-infographic/#sthash.pCYAPD...

  • Amazing student chalkboard art is genius but anonymous. #dangerdust

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    At the Columbus College of Art and Design, two college students have gone rogue - but publicly at least, no one's letting on which two. The anonymous duo, who go by the name Dangerdust, sneak into a classroom each Sunday or Monday and create a masterpiece out of nothing but chalk. All we could manage at school was a speed knob.

    The pair are both seniors in Advertising & Graphic Design, but somehow they manage to spare the brainpower and time to create these chalkboard works of art - some taking 11 hours to complete.

    You just have to marvel at the technique, the breadth of styles, the thinking that's gone into it and the commitment and planning.

    “When you’re working on long extended projects for graphic design classes it’s easy to… lose motivation,” they said. “I think we’re tired of the computer, and [chalking] gives us motivation.”

    “I remember the first couple we did, I didn’t think anything was going to happen, [but] people were like, ‘Yeah, I’ve seen that on Instagram!’” they remembered. “We get so giddy over 10 likes on Instagram.”

    Dangerdust on a day outDangerdust on a day out


  • David Abbott is dead. Long live David Abbott.

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    You may have heard the news already; legendary adman David Abbott passed away at the weekend, aged 75.

    David Abbott photographed by Julian HanfordDavid Abbott photographed by Julian Hanford

    I never worked with him or even met him, but my relationship with him was special to me. Quite simply, he was 'the man'. He was the guy I wanted to emulate. As a copywriter, a businessman and a gentleman, he set the benchmark - impossibly high. At college, his copy was the text we learned from. Intelligent prose that charmed and seduced, forming arguments you couldn't disagree with, building brands and a legacy with just these: words.

    His reel is better than just about any agency's in the world. He was a master of his craft and a giant in a cut-throat industry, yet you won't find anyone with a bad word to say about him.

    Anyone wishing to emulate his achievements may want to start here: "I write with an Artline 200 Fine 4.0 Pentel – blue ink, never black. I generally work on A3 layout pads but will sometimes switch to an A4. Definitely low tech stuff."

    I used to pass him on my way to work on the King's Road in Chelsea. This white-haired gent was a nobody as far as everyone else was concerned. But to me, he was a rockstar. A part of me wanted to stop him and tell him I was a writer too, though he was in a different universe to me. I never did work out what I'd have followed that up with. It would have been awkward for both of us - though no doubt he would have been charm personified.

    I didn't have posters of him up on my wall like I did Kevin Keegan, but I held him in the same heroic regard. His hit-rate was phenomenal. Did he ever write a duff ad in his life? I don't think he had it in him.

  • Darth Cupcake

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    Disney's Yellow Shoes Creative gets to do a lot of fun stuff. Most of the time they deliver fantastic creative, but it's hard to hit a home run every time. It's definitely a lot easier to criticize than to create, but we feel like this spot for Disney Star Wars Weekends is probably a ground rule double. We're not really sure what the story they're telling us here is, and why the Darth Vader cupcake has to annihilate the other desserts, but at the very least it's a fresh new take on two legacy brand stories.

    Tell us what you think in the comment section.

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